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jack's complete lack of surprise

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Monday, March 7th, 2005
8:34 am - today on reuters
"Adrian Lund, the Insurance Institute's chief operating officer, said the least crashworthy of the vehicles was the aging Dodge Neon from DaimlerChrysler AG's U.S.-based Chrysler unit.

"This car is a disaster," Lund said of the Neon..."

current mood: amused

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Saturday, February 12th, 2005
4:08 pm
could someone who still sees kyle please tell him i said happy birthday? thanks.

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Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
1:47 pm - dada=rawk
LONDON (Reuters) - They are two of the most recognized works of art in the world, and they have lost out to an autographed toilet.
Pablo Picasso's "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" and "Guernica" came second and fourth respectively in a poll of what 500 leading art world figures regarded as the five most influential works of modern art in the world.

They were beaten to the top spot by Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain," a tilted and signed white urinal which he offered to a shocked art world in 1917.

Third place in the survey by Turner Prize sponsor and gin manufacturer Gordon's went to Andy Warhol's "Marilyn Diptych," with Henri Matisse's "The Red Studio" in fifth place.

that's right. suck it, warhol. you're not even second best. talentless hack.
and matisse so deserved to be higher than you.

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Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
5:47 pm
Russell was laying on his stomach, hiding behind a grotesque on top of a cathedral. He was trying to think of something clever to say. All the other army snipers he'd ever encountered had some unique and interesting little saying they'd recite under their breath just before pulling the trigger, kind of like a prayer. And Russell had nothing.

His orders were to kill a high-ranking Italian officer, whose name Russell couldn't pronounce. When Russell had visualized his target, he'd just called him Cap'n Pasketti. He'd have to write home and share that with dad. Pasketti's last stand.

Russell's right eye rested right in front of the scope for about 10 minutes before a little magnified 'Sketti come out of the office building down the street. He released a deep breath and tried to settle the shake in his hands he'd had since birth. Cross-hairs.

"Burn in Hell, lasagna-eatin' bastard?" Russell wasn't big on obscenities.

He thought about the old westerns he watched as a kid. "There's not enough room in Naples for the two of us?"
But that was a quick fix. He could only use that this one time. His unit wouldn't even be in Naples this time next week. So no.

Russell, running out of time, settled for "Ciao."

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Monday, November 15th, 2004
7:47 pm
i typically don't answer my phone unless someone calls from a number i recognize b/c i hate dumb people.

so whoever just tried to call me from conway should try again. and this time, leave a voice mail.

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Tuesday, October 19th, 2004
8:04 pm
to clear up some apparent confusion for the people that, for whatever reason, read this and aren't on my friends list

back a couple of entries ago when i mentioned how brandy txted heather, i wasn't making a joke of the subject matter. i was making a joke of the fact that some people feel the need to spread other people's news. b/c that's kind of dumb.

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2:04 pm
Robert White was a bleeding heart. A perfect compliment to his empathy was his innate ability to guess exactly what a person in distress needed to feel better. It was a complete coincidence that what most people just happened to need was whatever Robert just happened to be carrying at the time.

"No, seriously," she told him, "just water for now. Thanks."

Fine. Robert walked off to get her a glass of water, his left hand in his pocket. Between his forefinger and thumb, he rolled the rubber top of an eye dropper back and forth. He'd bring her a shot of something, too, just in case she changed her mind. And she probably would. She definitely looked like someone in need of a vacation.

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
6:32 pm - being for the benefit of ktcakes!
crossposted from deadjournal in light of a recent conversation on the topic.

Matisse and Picasso met each other in 1906. i'm guessing either they met at the Salon des Independants or thru Gertrude Stein. they didn't like each other at all. Matisse started this painting in 1905, The Joy of Life, which was so big (68"x93") that it took him almost a year to complete it. he had it ready in time for the 1906 Salon des Independants. it's basically a landscape, littered with mostly female nudes all dancing, relaxing, having sex, and just enjoying the beauty and perfection of nature, a theme you might just see in a titian or a cezzane (maybe this is why Picasso didn't like him--he reminded Picasso too much of the old classical painters). the emotions of joy and exhuberance are conveyed thru Matisse's use of colour (lots of warm, bold liberated colours, juxtaposed complimentaries) and arabesque lines and shapes.
so a year later, Picasso, well on his way into Cubism (what we call his "pre-cubist" period), painted a 8'x7'8" response to this optimistic little piece and called it Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. in this painting, Picasso depicted a group of local prostitutes and, drawing inspiration from the African sculptures that caught his eye in 1907 Paris, portrayed the nude female as not a source of pleasure and joy as Matisse would want us to believe, but rather a danger, a source of filth, disease, and death. the faces of the 2 women on the right of the work reflect the African influence on Picasso, painted in sharp angles and simplified and exaggerated forms. instead of women, they more look to be demons.

i can only assume that at some point in his life, Picasso had a run-in with some vile and wretched thing. and that he dwelled upon this encounter for so long that he began to see that thing as a solid damnation. either that, or he just really hated Matisse...

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Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
5:38 pm
anyone have some grocery stores in their area called food lion? well, next time you go in one, keep in mind that processing the data for their shelf labels is a bitch. oh, and thank you for shopping.

worked on a painting this morning after i got home from work. this one's big. something like 3'x4'. couldn't sleep later so i decided i'd just stay up until jack woke up so i could actually see him a little. last time he was over, he was asleep when i came in from work and then he left while i was sleeping that morning.
brandy hadn't gotten any sleep either, so after the sun came up i helped jack put on his shoes and his jacket and took him outside for a while so she could take a nap.
at my new place, i have an 80 acre yard with a 100'+ tall privacy fence around it, so there's lots of room for him to run around. a couple of dogs to trade barks with. a cat to torture. i'm honestly kind of looking forward to playing out there with a kid that's actually mine. eventually.

shortly after we went back inside, some people came by to look at the house. as in interested in buying, not just to admire it and pat me on the back and go, "nice house, person i don't know. k cya." an old couple. apparently, they've been living in pine bluff for the last bazillion years and now they're wanting a change of environment. something less crowded and eternally dingy. this makes the second time this week i've shown it. *crosses fingers...again*

and finally, let's all have a moment of silence for mark david chapman. looks like he'll be in prison for a few more years. let his situation serve as a twofold example for all you young lions.
1)stay the fuck away from catcher in the rye if you know you're already crazy.
2)in the event that you fail to follow the above advice, try not too shoot any revolutionary musicians. to make this easier, make a game of it. wake up in the morning and spend all day seeing how many revolutionary musicians you can avoid killing. then, the next day, try and break that record. yay! isn't not depriving the world of musical genii and counter-cultural figureheads fun?
way to go, jackass.

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Saturday, October 2nd, 2004
6:16 am
looks like the dresden dolls are playing a show in my favourite city only 1 week after B0lly's book signing. i wonder if it'd be worth it to go and just stay the week...

of course, they're coming to closer cities sooner. dallas, new orleans. but the dallas one is on a sunday and i hate dallas. the new orleans show is 2 days later, so i'd have to ask for time off. and i know nothing about new orleans except that you could kill a person there and get away with it.

hey, jas. they're playing a show in LA. 11/19 at el rey theatre. all ages. if you go for that sort of thing...

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12:52 am - this is why i rock.

Your Life as a Vampire (LJ)
LJ Username
You're sired by... smellslikemetal
...but you decide to hunt with... baddmonkee
The first person you kill is... wildsiren
The first you turn is... onyx_sunfire83
You build a vampire stronghold with... librarian_1138
...but you're foiled by... vampibella
This Quiz by tehfie - Taken 1058 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

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Thursday, September 30th, 2004
6:50 pm - I'm a path of cinders burning under your feet
talked to my boss a couple of hours ago. as of tomorrow, i make about $5k more a year. the change will be reflected on my next paycheck, which is good b/c this coming one has to make up for me essentially not having one last week.

bleh. brandy's would-be boss keeps calling me to try to talk to her about the job she was supposed to start this week in conway as a lead cashier at the new petsmart they just built. really sucks we had to move before the place even opened. her commute would be so long now that if she decided to keep it and just drive that far everyday, she'd spend almost everything she made on gas.
she's not interested in calling him to tell him she won't be working for him.

SC0RE! only 4 hours left on my 12 hour shift.

0mi, your obsession with b0b is starting to get scary. i'm sorry to have to be the one to say it, but it just had to be said.

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Wednesday, September 29th, 2004
11:17 pm
i'm going back to work pretty early tomorrow. well, early for me. i have to be here at noon. some virus is fucking with our print sites and we're supposed to break up into teams tomorrow and systematically hunt it all down b/c we're not exactly sure were it is or where it came from. before i agreed to a 12 hour day, i made my boss promise me redbull. overtime pay and free redbull is a virtually unbeatable combination.

got an email today with a list of all the different places B0lly is doing his readings and signings for his new book. one of these just happens to be in my favourite city in the world on a weekend that i already have requested off from work. so we'll see if i can plan a roadtrip again sometime soon.
i should have that book by now. and it kinda pisses me off that i'm too broke to get it right now if not immediately or sooner. to sporadically quote lewis black, someone i actually like and don't just say i do by copy/pasting someone else's lj interests like a fucking poser, "SON OF A BITCH! screwed again... and my balls can't take it."

ka was supposed to come hang out for a coupla days now that i've got my new place mostly set up and livable. dunno if he'll want to just sit around for 14 hours while i'm at work tomorrow, though.

damn...if i'm going to be back here at noon, even with redbull, i'm going to have to be in bed by 4am. that's no fun at all. especially when i'd rather be playing fable. even though the kid on the front is creepier than wiggling zombies with no arms that unexpectedly crawl out from under SUVs and make horrible screaming noises as you beat them to death with a stick in the cold, foggy street.

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Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
9:33 pm - my eyes are open wide
i talked to indi a little tonight. just a few emails back and forth. i've been having headaches for about a month now that have me kind of worried. starts out with my eyes hurting, feels like someone squeezing them as tight as they can while pulling. after a couple of hours, my whole head hurts, then my neck and shoulders. after that, i start feeling nauseous from the pain. so far, i've only gotten them at night, so i've only gotten them at work, too. so i guess it might be tension or maybe strain from looking at monitors for 7 or 8 hours at a time. the pain in my eyes is the part that i'm concerned about. my mother had glaucoma, which is hereditary. and since i can't just ask her about what glaucoma feels like when it first starts, indi seemed like a good person to turn to. she was able to give me some good information. i'm rather appreciative of that. i really hope she's doing as well as she seems to be.

i've got to get my insurance changed a bit before i can visit an optimologist. i guess i should do that soon. i'm not due to visit my GP for another couple of months. if it gets too bad, i suppose i could go see him and get something for the pain if nothing else. b/c driving home from work at night with a migraine and eyes that are really light sensitive sucks about 12 kinds of ass.

there was a ton of things i was wanting to do this week, but i'm having to put them off until i get another paycheck. so next week as soon as it gets deposited, i'm calling about getting one of those little satellites. haha, i live so far out in the sticks now that i can't get cable, so that's my only other option. i have to have my daily show and adult swim. i am but a lifeless shell without them. and i'm seriously getting tired of this shit where i work while everyone else is watching csi. i'm getting close to 4 years of this late shift thing and i'm just not gonna take it anymore. i'm gonna start taping some prime time so i rejoin the world of people who know wtf is going on. i used to complain that indi watched law and order, like, 12 times a day. truth is, though, i liked the show. and csi, too. the one with the guy who played lucas in empire records. david caruso can suck my balls, rory cochrane should so be the lead guy in that show.

i say that as a concerned viewer, not as someone who hears, "you know, you remind me a lot of that lucas guy from empire records," a lot.

also, i need to get myself a new xbox. and while i'm at it, i need to track down the games i know i should still have but can't seem to find. they were on the bookcase in the living room where i kept some of my dvds back at 1913. logic dictates that if i packed them, they'd have been with those dvds and the books from that bookcase. i can think of a certain posergoth girl that will regret it if she took it upon herself to claim those while i wasn't home...
i need to buy some more clothes for work. like, shirts that don't have paint on them.
i need to start devboard. the first idea for an assignment that i've had is going to be perfect for the approaching time of year.
i need to start putting money back to buy a new computer. and to do some patch work on the one i have now so it'll still be of some use once i get a new one.
i need to start putting money back so i can get my shit together and put my life on the track i think it needs to be on. that's probably going to be the toughest thing.
i want to buy a keyboard and learn to play piano. i figure this is an easy way to relearn everything i used to know and have since forgotten about reading and writing music. this will come in handy when i buy a violin and learn to play it. my goal, once i can sufficiently play the violin, is to learn to play the guitar part from the ozzy song mr crowley. b/c that song on a violin with some effects thrown in would kick your ass in a dark alleyway at night.
i need to sell my fucking house so i can have one less thing to worry about. moving again so soon would suck, yeah, but it won't suck nearly as bad when i have enough money to pay someone else to do it for me.
oh, and at some point i need to take syd out for sushi. b/c i promised her a few months ago that we'd do that sometime.

leaving work in about an hour. i want to paint when i get home. have some coffee, take some excedrine, put things falling apart on the record player, and paint. i've had a 30"x40" canvas for some weeks now that i've been reluctant to do anything with.

i think i'll just start something and hope for the best.

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Monday, September 27th, 2004
10:08 pm
so yeah, one more time, i'm a badass fugitive in the eyes of the world-famous conway police dept.

like a good little boy, i showed up at the station last saturday with a car load of rebekah's worldly goods to give back to her. early, even. 2:40pm.

some of the stuff i had was from the list i got from the officer the previous sunday. some of it was from that list she emailed me earlier saturday morning.

some of the items on those lists are just going to take time, whether she likes that or not. she forced me to move. quickly. i packed everything in the apartment into boxes and split. so most of this worthless crap she's demanding from me is still packed. see, i actually own more than a carload of stuff, so going thru all my boxes and brandy's boxes to look for her stupid little black tshirt with goku on it is going to take more than a week.

she wasn't there at 3. i decided i'd give her 5 minutes before i left. i wasn't going to let her waste any more of my time. she drove up to the station at 3:04. i think she was spending that 4 minutes getting her new haircut. it only takes that long to make someone look that bad... imagine a 14 year old dyke smoking(w/o actually inhaling) a clove and saying, "when i grow up, i want to be the ugly, ignored, beaten, and depraved love child of annie lennox and robert smith." that's her haircut.

anyway, she gives me my blue october package and in exchange, i give her some of her stuff. what i could find and/or fit into her car. brandy told her some of it wasn't there. b/c we were still looking. anything i would have wanted (which amounts to her oil paints and the 1 brush she owned that wasn't a copy of one of mine), i gave back.
as i'm driving off, she's walking inside. i can only assume to file another theft of property report. yes, b/c that proves to everyone that she's not a complete bitch. i fail to see the point.

took me a couple of days to get thru all of that blue october dvd. pretty fucking cool. syd, i think i saw jesse in one of the shots. is that right?

today when i got into work, my boss wanted to talk to me. he was concerned about these things someone had left on the copier. he starts off, "the first rule of fight club is you don't talk about fight club..." no. he wanted to talk to me about putting me on salary. this, he explained, would require that he pay me at least $4k/year more, maybe 5. he understands if i have a problem with that. hard bargain, but i accepted. i guess that'll take effect next january, since the reason he even brought it up was b/c he was trying to chart out the 2005 budget for the department. might start sooner. fine by me. this is the universe making up for rebekah.

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8:29 pm - gabe's interview thing
1) Sculpey or Fimo?
2) Is football a harmless hobby or a sick perversion of tribal affiliations or perhaps some thing I'd never considered?
3) Which alternate reality would be a better one in which to live: Heinlein's Time Enough For Love universe, or John Norman's Gor?
4) WTF?
5) When the fuck do we get devboard? I'm fiending for some message board action with people I know and like.

1)i'll have to get back to you on that.
2)football in itself is a harmless perversion of tribal affiliations. its fanatics, both spectators and participants, generally speaking, are a different story.
3)again, i'll have to get back to you on that, but thanks for assuming i'd know wtf you were referring to.
4)i find myself asking that same question everyday.
5)i understand and share your ache for the day devboard goes up and is released upon the world. right now, my best estimate is 2 weeks. blame little posergoth girl.

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Saturday, September 25th, 2004
ok, so i just got an email.

"Mallory Taylor to me

sorry this took so long. i've been working a lot.

2 pizza hut bags and a large black garbage bag full of Patrick's stuff
the blood + the scars
small ironing board
pictures ( i think that there are doubles of just about everything and
i would like copies of the ones i took)

i know i'm probably still forgetting something. if you could bring
what you know to be mine that isn't on the list, that would be great."

ok, yeah, i think i might have a fan. if i can find it and give a fuck that you might need it, i'll bring it.
2? ok, stupid whore, this is where they lying starts again. there was 1. i have it and i'll bring it. there's a coat in it. and there was no garbage bag. fuck yourself.
the blood+the scars belongs to someone else now. i took it back and sold it b/c you owed me money and i knew you'd never be enough of an adult to pay it back. get over it. oh, and fuck yourself.
yeah, i think i remember seeing that ironing board. not like you even have an iron, but ok. i'll bring it.
pictures? you mean the ones i paid to have developed? allll those? yeah, you get SHIT. fuck yourself.

now here's my list of what i want you to bring:

no less than $800 cash
my blue october package that you accepted even though your name wasn't on the package and you didn't have my permission to receive it.
the ice cream i left in the freezer
4 months
2 relationships
1 bottle of nyquil

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12:34 am
at this point, i'm ready to break things.

by things, i mean the manipulative poser midget whore that stole her little pretend name from a short story i wrote.

i bet you'll never guess who it is...

i'll give you another hint. she told (lied to) people on tuesday that she was on her way to pay us back.

one more... she told (lied to) people that i have even more of her shit that she didn't put in the police report she filed accusing me of theft.

i'm not sure how those two lies in particular are going to fit into her fucking me over again. 1 look at my bank account can prove she's done nothing but fuck me out of money again and again for roughly 3 months now. we've now surpassed the thousand mark.
yeah. i got paid yesterday. my balance is now $2. my balance. mine. me. the one with a real, permanent job. the one that makes more than she's worth in a day. that's how overdrawn i got. i haven't spent money since this time last week. b/c i knew that the chances i'd see that $350 she was supposed to give back to me when she didn't pay rent were about as good as rebekah having an orgasm. but a few previous purchases went thru in the meantime. a couple i'd forgotten about, but had enough to cover at the time. that was before i was forced to move...

and i somehow owe HER.

i know a couple of you are low enough to still count that piece of shit as a friend. so while i'm pulling the knife out of my back, i'd appreciate it if one of you could do me one last favour. call her. tell her a hundred times as loud as you can that she can fuck herself. with one of her swords.

to those of you who have contributed to and continue to wait for devboard, i apologize profusely. i really thought i was going to be able to get started with this paycheck. it now looks like i'm going to have to wait at least another 2 weeks.

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Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
9:27 pm

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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004
11:28 pm - pretty well sums it up...

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